We rent various types of warm-air-generators incl. connected services and staff. According to client' s wish and type of the place to be heated we offer more types of warm-air-generators.

We of course offer also suitable heaters for heating at the shooting place, at the camera etc. We offer you personal consultation according to your demands.

Propan-butan warm-air generators

These work without dragging away of impure in range of 12 kW to 55 kW. Generators are supplied with electomagnetic vent, piezolighter, ignite/light safety fruse with thermelectrical flameguard, axial ventilator, connection electricity cable and gas hose with reduction valve.

Oil/petroleum generators

These burn directed extralight heating oil or gas. Power of generators can be regulated by cubic thermostat that is supplied separately on the clients wish. Generators are supplied by built-in reservoir of fuel, axial ventilator, connection cable to grid, high-pressure spray burner with optical flamequard, rate (gradual)-filter system and plug for attatching of cubic thermostat. The apparatus work absolutely safe.