Can you ensure transport of waste from the shooting place or basecamp?

Transport of waste / garbage can be according to the law provided by a lisensed company only. For the liquidation of the waste is always responsible the author of the waste according to the law (that is the organisor of the shooting place or event ). A licenced firm can only take away and liquidate the waste. There are high financial penalties/fees in case of breaking the law. This waste, the majority of which is waste from food and other waste is called as municipal - dangerous by Czech law. We are able to concentrate this waste at some place according to agreement, where the licenced company liquidates the waste (the best are municipal services).

Is it possible to put floor into the tents?

Yes, it is possible. The tents or party tents don't have any floor. The floor can be added additionaly. This demand needs to be discussed and it is up to customer to consider the financial point of this issue. Generaly the floor can be done by a film construction company. From the economic point of view it is sensible to put the floor in case of shooting at one place for longer time. In case of your interest we offer you optimum technical solution of your problem.

Which frequences can we tune at the radiostations?

At all radiostations that are allowed for running in Czech republic you can tune frequences valid in Czech republic.

Is it possible to use whatever radiostations Motorola in Czech republic?

No, it is not. Officialy you can use in Czech republic just radiostations that have been agreed and valid for the operatins / running in Czech republic. Some types of imported stations are not according to the law.

How fast can we reprogramme the imported radiostations?

We are able to reprogramme the radiostations that are according to the law in the Czech republic max. in 36 hours. In case of bigger projects it is sensible to prepare the radiostations for operating/running in Czech republic before beginning of the project.