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You can use the tents as dining room for production or staff, as costume or mask rooms etc. Basic size of tents is 6mx12m. Length of tents can be modified, width is constant.

We assure furnishment of tents according to client' s demands.

Light large size tents can be built on not quite plane underground. In this case consultation or round of the location is necessary.

Heating of the tents is insured by heat-air -generators with indirect burning outside the tent. This way eliminates unpleasant smell of the fume or gas in the tents.

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We offer also various types of shelters that can be used for catering at the shooting place or shelters for camera or video. The most favourite are E-Z systems (E-Z Ups-) because of functionality and elegance.

E-Z Ups can be use in sun-shine but also in bad and rainy weather.